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Taxation is a financial charge or other levy imposed upon on a taxpayer or a company by Singapore. We prepare and submit corporate and individual tax returns for income tax purposes We also provide tax advisory to individuals and companies to help them lower their tax liability so as to assist clients in compliance with tax obligations. Our services include:


  • Corporate tax compliance.
  • Partnership tax filing.
  • Personal tax filing.
  • Tax computation.
  • Form C and ECI submission.

Tax Investigation

Tax investigation is an in-depth investigation processed by tax authority in order to recover tax undercharged in previous years of assessment. It means that the taxpayer is suspected regarding to tax evasion, or just by random sampling.

We are able to deal with tax investigations and enquiries made by tax authority into the tax affairs of individuals, associated trust structures and companies. We can:

  • Liaise directly with the tax authorities on the taxpayer’s behalf and supply them with the required and relevant information.
  • Advise the taxpayer how to approach the enquiry and deal with it in the best possible way.
  • Negotiate any outstanding tax due together with any associated interest or penalties arising.

Tax Advisory

We are able to provide a full range of tax planning and advisory services to individuals, local and international companies.

We can provide assistance in:

  • Cross-border tax planning, including transfer pricing and consideration of permanent establishment issues.
  • Identification of tax efficient structures for investment into overseas property.
  • Group reorganisations and restructuring.
  • Tax planning for the owner managed business, including tax efficient extraction of profits and advice on general tax legislations.
  • Review of all financial affairs of all entities in compliance with tax requirements.

BQA advise companies on a wide range of indirect taxes including value added tax/goods and services tax, sales and use tax, customs duties, excise duties, insurance premium tax and more. BQA’s knowledge covers all aspects of these taxes including compliance and reporting, dispute resolution, consultancy and opportunity identification and implementation.

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