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Our Services


We provide accounting and book-keeping services and assist companies in maintaining a full set of accounts. We ensure the proper posting of entries to relevant accounts so that financial reports can be prepared and submitted on time and accurately. We advise clients on the use of proper templates and operating procedures to capture essential information.


  • Maintain full set of accounts
  • Close accounts- monthly, quarterly or yearly
  • Prepare full set accounts
  • Prepare General ledger
  • Prepare aging reports
  • Prepare management account
  • Prepare financial statements – Trial Balance, Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet.
  • Filing of general accounts
  • Assist in advising process controls
  • Preparation of financial statements for sole-proprietors, partnerships and limited companies
  • Advise and assistance on book-keeping and investigation of accounting systems and reporting on effective improvements
  • Preparation and lodgement of statistics and forms as required by the authorities

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Gia tron goi tu 2,000,000 VND / DN/ Thang

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